Better Than Blackwater

Tragedy in Miami

Ardus Air flight 763 exploded in midair over Miami International Airport. All 660 passengers and crew are believed to have perished in the accident.

Update: Amongst those killed in the explosion, one Tanya Roland (Charles Roland’s niece) is believed to have been on that flight. Nastrum PLD is being dispatched to Miami immediately.

The Reckoning.

Following up on the latest RRH crime scene, the PLD reviewed their surveillance recordings and ran every picture of the suspect through every available database. When a hit popped up on an alternative modeling site run by a miss Eliza , Slade and Schatten moved to investigate. Eliza pointed them towards Death Mask Studios where they encountered heavy Pack resistance. Lindquist was indisposed with charity business at John Hopkins until receiving a distress broadcast from Slade. The three were able to hold off until help arrived, with Schatten being severely wounded in the process. They returned to Nastrum HQ to begin treatment for Karen and to plan their next move.

This proved to be a moot point as a coordinated attack hit Nastrum and many of the buildings tagged with the symbol of the Disciples. A number of Nastrum high risk figures, such as Mary Ann and Mr. Pudd were spotted leading a rag-tag group of terrorists into the complex. With most internal security measures disabled or overrun, Nastrum quickly fell into chaos. With an experimental serum injected in Karen, PLD moved quickly to develop a counterattack. While they succeeded in chasing off Mary Ann, they were unable to stop her from releasing multiple high profile criminals such as John Ryder, The Black Crow King, Bartholomew and Nitokris. Moving to counter the growing Azlu threat, the crew quickly found themselves overwhelmed by the arachnid horde.

Video recording from both Karen’s headset, gun and video cameras in the area show her fierce determination and loyalty as she stayed to give her team a chance to escape. When she was critically wounded, Gustav and Richard moved quickly to get Karen’s wounds treated. They were distracted by the presence of the Red Right Hand, who appeared within the building to strike the final blow on the weakened company.

Confronting the apparent mastermind of the attack, Slade and Lindquist were quick to subdue Mary Hood before turning their attention towards Schatten’s medical care. Sadly it was not in time.

Karen Schatten, a dedicated and much beloved member of the PLD, died defending the team from Mr. Pudd. A memorial has been established in her honor. Noted later in the log are testimonials from her friends and co-workers. She will be missed.

Following That Bloody Trail

Following up on leads given to them by the 40 Sisters, PLD began to track a local group of charity organizers and owners known as the Disciples. Digging into their backgrounds, they found no real connections between the group members at first but they began to track members that had previous criminal records. Following both City Councilman Tom Pellegrini and state senator Frank Ceruti, they were no closer to finding any substantial link. An altercation with Pellegrini’s lawyer Dan Crichton left Mr. Crichton hospitalized and Gustav Lindquist on the shortlist for suspension. Slade and Schatten began to pursue a suspect leaving the state senator’s home but believed to have given themselves away. After mistakenly believing that the secondary team was on top of the suspect, Slade and Schatten allowed the suspect to escape. A few hours later, it was revealed that the Red Right Hand killer had struck again. The white Ford Focus Slade and Schatten had followed was at the scene.

Just Grinding Away

After yet another high profile by the serial killer known as The Organ Grinder, local police and Nastrum were finally able to identify the killer. Following the leads given to them by the priest where the killer used to work, the PLD were able to triangulate the next victim. The rumors that the patterns followed some demonic sigil are entirely false. Moving quickly, the PLD was able to stop and detain the Organ Grinder but only after numerous injuries, the most severe was Karen Schatten’s lapse into a coma after touching some scepter the killer was holding. Later tests and procedures carried out by Jaimie Lynch were able to free Karen from whatever had incapacitated her. She returned to duty shortly thereafter.

The Song of the 40 Sisters

After recovering from the grave injuries inflicted on the team by Karrimata, the LPD renewed its investigation into the 40 Sisters. Tracking their targets, the discovered that they all shared a common goal. Each property that was attacked belonged to Magadon Incorporated. The attacks appeared to have started after one John Fleischmann died in a tragic workplace accident. His sister, Sarah Fleischmann, evidently created the 40 Sisters to strike back against Magadon but soon decided to use her recruits to combat homelessness and domestic violence in the area instead of carrying out terrorist attacks. Sarah Fleischmann was later captured, along with a number of other leaders of the 40 Sisters at the Holy Rosary Church where they had been seeking shelter.

Something Ratty This Way Comes

In pursuit of the terrorist group The 40 Sisters, the Police Liaison Department stumbled across a group of young women chained to the bottom of an old tugboat located in the southeast docks. While freeing the women from the chains, Karen Schatten was ambushed by wererats and severely injured during the fight. After demolitions experts blew the tunnel leading to a potential wererat warren, three of the young women were brought to John Hopkins for treatment for malnourishment and infections. Sadly, the three girls had been infected by the wererats and died of their injuries later that day. Later fieldwork revealed a large gathering of wererats in a warehouse along Clinton street. When the Police Liaison Department arrived, it was deemed best to seal the building and drop sarin gas into the warehouse to kill the wererats with minimal casualties. Unfortunately, this led to a massive rat demon, who has now been identified as Karrimata, the Plague King. Thanks to the quick actions of Karen, Gustav and Dabble, Karrimata was quickly put to rest before its rampage could accelerate beyond control. It should be noted that Gustav and Karen were gravely injured on site and were quickly stabilized by Slade.

The Team Rydes Out

In pursuit of John Ryder, the PLD moves to organize a roadblock along eastbound I-40 after determining that his stops were at major bodies of water along the highway. Missing his projected speed, they failed to stop another attack before speeding off to catch him. John Ryder was subdued and captured along I-40 outside of Lake Eufaula State Park. He made mention of The Lady of the Shroud telling him that the waters will bring him peace. Nastrum was thanked for its aid in stopping this vicious spree killer. John Ryder was later taken into Nastrum custody.


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