The Black Crow King

Escaped Nastrum Prisoner


The Black Crow King, aka Sean Fennessy is an occultist of considerable power. His rough upbringing within the Maryland countryside seems to have instilled a deep desire to punish white collar workers along with all their belongings. A seething jealousy clouds his mind as he works on his victims, enacting a sort of anthropomancy on his victims before he burns their home to the ground. Having started on college students at Loyola University where he was a professor in religious studies, he soon began to target the upper crust of society when his crimes were revealed. Finally captured by Jaimie Lynch after consulting with the victim’s spirit, he was locked away in one of Nastrum’s maximum security cells where he remains to this day.

UPDATE: Sean was freed during the attack on Nastrum HQ. His whereabouts are still unknown.

The Black Crow King

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