Red Right Hand

Ex Number 1


There is no known picture, description or identifying marker for the Red Right Hand killer. They could be any age, gender, ethnic race and/or social class.

Update: The Red Right Hand killer has been identified posthumously as Mary Hood, a local sex worker and model for Death Mask Studios. Her connections to the Disciples is still under investigation. Motive and method still unknown.


The deadliest and most vicious of Nastrum’s Most Wanted, the Red Right Hand killer strikes without warning, often focusing on well-established upper middle class families in suburban areas. The only thing that links these murders is the grotesque nature of the crimes and a single bloody handprint left in the wall. The handprint always belongs to the right hand of the mother of the family.

Update: Killed during the attack on Nastrum HQ by Richard Slade and Gustav Lindquist.

Autopsy reveals no unusual information. Brain preserved for scientific study.

Red Right Hand

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