Leader of blood cult


Having been tracked from a small city 40 miles southwest of Cairo, Nitokris fled the area after mass graves had been found marked with her name upon their foreheads. She made her way to the United States sometime during the 1980s under the cover of political aslyum before her identity could be revealed. She was later captured by Nastrum when they interrupted her congregation sacrificing her only blood relation in her name. While the victim later died from her wounds, Nastrum personnel were successful in suppressing the power Nitokris had gathered and went about trying to bring down the cult she had begun. Attempting to track the nomadic members has been difficult as they seem to have access to a surprising amount of financial and political resources that allows them to move around quickly.

Note: It should be noted that whatever power Nitokris gathers, it is unlike any other occultist Nastrum has encountered thus far and is therefore unlikely to function under the same restrictions.

UPDATE: Nitokris escaped during the attack on Nastrum HQ. Her whereabouts are unknown but her cult members have begun vanishing from public life much more rapidly than before.


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