Mary Ann

Number 3


Brunette Caucasian believed to be in her early 30s. Around 5’6". Noticeable mole on her cheek, unsure if this is cosmetic or natural.


Mary Ann (assumed name) made a name for herself amongst the socialites of Baltimore as a painter in the early 2000s. Her “Women in Danger” triptych established her as a domineering voice in the city’s art community but it was her later work that has attracted the attention of nearly every major law enforcement agency in the country. Her “The Mother Calls” exhibit encouraged the viewer to navigate a small twisted corridor of steel and barbed wire. While this was all voluntary, the resulting scratches allowed for easy access for the poison coating the sculpture This mass poisoning led to a chase which left 4 brave police officers dead and another 6 hospitalized, one still on life support. She has continued to target local politicians and authority figures with her poisons. She is considered armed and extremely dangerous

Mary Ann

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