John Ryder

Ex Number 9


John Ryder is unknown to law enforcement officials other than the wanton destruction left by his rampage across the Western United States.

Update: Since his capture, John Ryder has been identified as a mid 30s Caucasian male with stringy blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Some initial confusion as to him being described as a walking mass of bleeding black stone points towards signs of hysteria in the aftermath of his killing spree.

Update: He was later freed during the coordinated attack on Nastrum HQ. His current location is unknown.


John Ryder is apparently a pseudonym for a spree killer making his way across the Western United States. He murders at random at truck stops, hotels, diners and roadside attractions as he follows I-40 east. His murders seem to be all inflicted via blunt force trauma with hands and feet but it is unknown as to whether or not he has an accomplice in these crimes.

Update: John Ryder has since been apprehended by the Police Liaison group of Nastrum Security. His current whereabouts as to after his capture are highly classified.

John Ryder

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