Better Than Blackwater

Following up on the latest RRH crime scene, the PLD reviewed their surveillance recordings and ran every picture of the suspect through every available database. When a hit popped up on an alternative modeling site run by a miss Eliza , Slade and Schatten moved to investigate. Eliza pointed them towards Death Mask Studios where they encountered heavy Pack resistance. Lindquist was indisposed with charity business at John Hopkins until receiving a distress broadcast from Slade. The three were able to hold off until help arrived, with Schatten being severely wounded in the process. They returned to Nastrum HQ to begin treatment for Karen and to plan their next move.

This proved to be a moot point as a coordinated attack hit Nastrum and many of the buildings tagged with the symbol of the Disciples. A number of Nastrum high risk figures, such as Mary Ann and Mr. Pudd were spotted leading a rag-tag group of terrorists into the complex. With most internal security measures disabled or overrun, Nastrum quickly fell into chaos. With an experimental serum injected in Karen, PLD moved quickly to develop a counterattack. While they succeeded in chasing off Mary Ann, they were unable to stop her from releasing multiple high profile criminals such as John Ryder, The Black Crow King, Bartholomew and Nitokris. Moving to counter the growing Azlu threat, the crew quickly found themselves overwhelmed by the arachnid horde.

Video recording from both Karen’s headset, gun and video cameras in the area show her fierce determination and loyalty as she stayed to give her team a chance to escape. When she was critically wounded, Gustav and Richard moved quickly to get Karen’s wounds treated. They were distracted by the presence of the Red Right Hand, who appeared within the building to strike the final blow on the weakened company.

Confronting the apparent mastermind of the attack, Slade and Lindquist were quick to subdue Mary Hood before turning their attention towards Schatten’s medical care. Sadly it was not in time.

Karen Schatten, a dedicated and much beloved member of the PLD, died defending the team from Mr. Pudd. A memorial has been established in her honor. Noted later in the log are testimonials from her friends and co-workers. She will be missed.



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