Better Than Blackwater

Something Ratty This Way Comes

In pursuit of the terrorist group The 40 Sisters, the Police Liaison Department stumbled across a group of young women chained to the bottom of an old tugboat located in the southeast docks. While freeing the women from the chains, Karen Schatten was ambushed by wererats and severely injured during the fight. After demolitions experts blew the tunnel leading to a potential wererat warren, three of the young women were brought to John Hopkins for treatment for malnourishment and infections. Sadly, the three girls had been infected by the wererats and died of their injuries later that day. Later fieldwork revealed a large gathering of wererats in a warehouse along Clinton street. When the Police Liaison Department arrived, it was deemed best to seal the building and drop sarin gas into the warehouse to kill the wererats with minimal casualties. Unfortunately, this led to a massive rat demon, who has now been identified as Karrimata, the Plague King. Thanks to the quick actions of Karen, Gustav and Dabble, Karrimata was quickly put to rest before its rampage could accelerate beyond control. It should be noted that Gustav and Karen were gravely injured on site and were quickly stabilized by Slade.



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