Better Than Blackwater

Following That Bloody Trail

Following up on leads given to them by the 40 Sisters, PLD began to track a local group of charity organizers and owners known as the Disciples. Digging into their backgrounds, they found no real connections between the group members at first but they began to track members that had previous criminal records. Following both City Councilman Tom Pellegrini and state senator Frank Ceruti, they were no closer to finding any substantial link. An altercation with Pellegrini’s lawyer Dan Crichton left Mr. Crichton hospitalized and Gustav Lindquist on the shortlist for suspension. Slade and Schatten began to pursue a suspect leaving the state senator’s home but believed to have given themselves away. After mistakenly believing that the secondary team was on top of the suspect, Slade and Schatten allowed the suspect to escape. A few hours later, it was revealed that the Red Right Hand killer had struck again. The white Ford Focus Slade and Schatten had followed was at the scene.



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